HomeHealth Sciences Journalvol. 2 no. 2 (2013)

Re-evaluating the efficacy and safety of citicoline in acute ischemic stroke: a metaanalysis

Belinda Lioba L. Mesina | Amado M. San Luis

Discipline: Health Education



Introduction This meta-analysis aimed to re-evaluate the evidence obtained from randomized controlled trials on citicoline in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke by determining the efficacy of citicoline in terms of post-treatment functionality and its safety.

Methods Studies were included in the meta-analysis after a systematic, computerized search if they met the criteria. The primary outcome was clinical improvement measured by the Barthel Index. An intention-to-treat analysis was done. The data were analyzed using the Review Manager 5 and odds ratios were determined.

Results The five trials included had 4,121 patients, with a mean age of 69.7 years, admitted for an acute ischemic stroke or infarct within 24 hours to 14 days of the onset of neurologic symptoms. The citicoline group consisted of 2,194 patients, while 1,927 patients were given placebo. The mean baseline NIHSS score was 13.7. There were no significant differences between treatment and control groups in terms of efficacy and safety.

Conclusion Citicoline is safe but not efficacious in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.