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Utility Of Two Afb Sputum Smears In Tb Case Finding In Comparison With The Standard Three Sputum Smears

Macario F. Reandelar Jr. | Paul P. Salandanan

Discipline: Nursing




Tuberculosis (TB) is recognized as one of the major health problems globally. It is estimated to infect about 2 billion people, equal to almost one third of the world’s population. The WHO, in its publication of 2007 Tuberculosis Facts, recognized TB as a worldwide pandemic. It reports that half of the all new cases world wide comes from 6 countries in Asia, Philippines being one of these countries.


The Philippines is among the 22 high-burdened countries in the world in terms of number of Tuberculosis cases. In the 2003 Department of Health (DOH) statistics, TB was recorded as the 6th leading cause of illness and deaths. Roughly the figure translates to about 75 Filipinos dying from TB every day.