HomeLyceum of the Philippines-Laguna Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Hospitality Management Students in Food Production Course: A Post Evaluation

Abram Emmanuel R. Peralta | Merlita C. Medallon

Discipline: Tourism, Management



One of the primary courses taught in hospitality management is food production. The study determined the level of knowledge, skills, and attitude acquired by the students in the Food Production course, and if there is significant difference when grouped by program and by gender. Data were gathered from 209 freshmen students enrolled in a Food Production course utilizing a researcher made questionnaire. Data were presented in frequency tables and weighted means was used to summarize the acquisition level. The study has shown that the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude had been acquired by the students in a one semester course in Food Production. Knowledge had been gained to a moderate extent (mean of 2.39), skills to a moderate extent (mean of 2.30) and attitude to a high level (mean of 2.53). Students enrolled in the different programs revealed significant differences among them in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitude acquired by students of the Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services having significantly higher acquisition. The male students were also found to have significantly higher acquisition of knowledge and skills compared to the female students. There is no significant difference in the acquisition of attitude between male or female students.