HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 8 no. 1 (2010)

Yield Performance of the Different Yellow Corn Hybrids under Claveria Condition

Elizar M. Elmundo | Charly G. Alcantara | Elpidio R. Bautista



The main objective of the study is to evaluate the performance and profitability of different corn hybrids under Claveria condition. Fifteen hybrids of yellow corn were used. Different yellow corn hybrids vary significantly in their agronomic parameters except for the plant height in the wet season which showed no significant difference among treatment means. The yield and yield components also showed slightly to highly significant difference among the corn hybrids giving NM08A5 as the high yielding hybrid with 7.46 tons/ha during the 1st cropping and NM08A4 in the 2nd cropping as the high yielding hybrid of 9.34 tons/ha. The highest return of investment (ROI) for the 1st cropping was obtained by NM08A5 corn hybrid of 1.98 per peso invested and MM888 gave the lowest ROI of 0.74 per peso. In the 2nd cropping, NM08A4 obtained the highest ROI of 2.76 while MM888 showed to have a losing production of -0.15 computed ROI. Based on the result of the study, NM08A4 and NM08A5 are the two hybrids suitable under Claveria condition. NM08A4 did not get the highest value of yield during the 1st cropping but the difference between their means with NM08A5 was not significantly different based on DMRT. Likewise, NM08A5 did not also give the highest value of yield in the 2nd cropping but still their means between NM08A4 did not also differ significantly.