HomeMindanao Journal of Science and Technologyvol. 9 no. 1 (2011)

Yield Performance of Ten White Corn Hybrids under Claveria Condition

Elizar M. Elmundo | Charly G. Alcantara | Elpidio R. Bautista

Discipline: Agriculture



This study aimed to evaluate the performance and profitability of different corn hybrids conducted at MOSCAT, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. The ten white corn hybrids (TSG 108 w, 30W30, USMARC 8102w, DAS 2W 042, USMARC 704w, MM7314w, USMDA 062 Hw, TCT 112w, USMDA 064 Hw, and 30W40) tested vary significantly in their agronomic parameters except for the plant height and stand count during the dry season cropping which showed no significant difference among each treatment means. It signifies that different corn hybrids differ significantly in its genes. The yield and yield components also showed slightly to highly significant difference among the corn hybrids giving MM7314w as the high yielding hybrid with 5.95 tons/ha followed by 30W40 with yield of 5.21 tons/ha during the 1st cropping and 30W40 in the 2nd cropping as the high yielding hybrid of 6.73 tons/ha. In the cost and return analysis, for the 1st cropping, MM7314w gave the highest Return of Investment (ROI) of 1.19 per peso invested and USMARC 704w gave the lowest of 0.18 per peso. In the 2nd cropping, 30W40 obtained the highest ROI of 2.39 while USMARC 8102w obtained the lowest of 0.67.


Based on the results of the study, 30W40 and TSG 108w corn hybrids were the two best hybrids to be recommended since it gave significantly higher yield compared to other hybrids used. These hybrids did not give the highest yield during the 1st cropping. However, the difference between their means with that of the highest yield which was MM7314w is not significantly different.