HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 12 no. 1 (2010)

Teachers’ Perspectives on the Use of Technology in Teaching Professional Education Courses to Preservice Teachers

Divinia J. Glifonea | Jessica S. Mayani



This study argues that technology is forcing rapid changes that cannot be ignored in higher education. Integrating technology looms as the single most important issue confronting institutional Information Technology (IT) efforts in the past years. The current investigation hoped to identify the conditions of technology integration within the context of teacher training programs of higher education institutions. It examined teacher’s understanding and attitude towards educational technology, as well as the availability of technology infrastructure and its perceived advantages and disadvantages.


Findings of the study suggest that teachers in higher education institutions have a positive attitude towards technology integration as they acknowledge the importance and benefits it brings in the learning process. However, they showed an indication of uncertainty as regards technology’s complexity and usage. Moreover, results of the study indicate a minor perplexity between educational technology and its related conceptual terms. In general, there is a fusion of traditional and contemporary instructional materials in the framework of Schools of Education. This parallels the respondents’ conformity that utilization of professional training in technology use is really needed nowadays. Training and technical support among instructors of professional education courses is critical for educational institutions to produce globally competitive teachers who will successfully meet the changing needs of the Filipino learners. It is the contention of this research that for universities to remain competitive in the Information Age, skills and training, technical support and resource materials that will assist faculty in integrating technology into instruction should be provided.