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Development and Validation of English 10 Textman

Carina F. Rafa




This research is of the belief that the core of educational endeavor is the person. There must be a deep reverential valuing of the dignity of every human person in all his/her concrete experiences and endeavors. This person has the capacity to develop and grow towards liberation and transformation.


The philosophy of Personalized Education is to be approached from the notion of the fundamental beliefs, concepts, attitudes, and values of St. Pedro Poveda. Along one dimension is the fundamental need for a balanced and all-around development of the human personality. Each student is allowed to develop and to accomplish objectives at a pace suited to individual ability and to the characteristics of his/her personality. In personalized education, it is the person that becomes the center of the education process.


The attainment of the goals of Sacred Heart College-Basic Education Department is facilitated through the implementation of the Personalized Education Program (PEP) which focuses on the development of the human person—his/her potentials and capabilities for his/her personal well-being as well as for the people around him/her in order that together they work for the people of God. Personalized Education provides opportunities for the students to be more balanced, more harmoniously developed, more self-governed, more apt to prayer and relationship with others, more inclined to service towards others, and more capable of being responsible stewards of nature (Student’s Handbook, Basic Education Department, Revised 2003). The program is governed by the principles of individuality, autonomy and freedom, openness and communication, activity, and normalization. These principles are realized during individual work activity, normalization, encounter, and evaluation conducted both by the students and teachers through the use of an instructional material known as Textman, textbook and manual in one book.