HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 12 no. 1 (2010)

A Tracer Study of MSEUF Graduates

Felixberto M. Mercado



This graduate tracer study is mainly a survey intended to trace graduates from their school of origin to their place of employment or self-employment. To obtain the needed information, the research used a questionnaire developed by the CHED. It is known as Graduate Tracer Survey Study and served as the data gathering instrument.


The subjects of the study were 304 MSEUF graduates whose names were drawn randomly from the master list of 2,009 graduates of the different academic programs offered by the University. These were the graduates from School Year 2000-2001 to School Year 2003-2004.


Findings of the study revealed that the MSEUF graduates of SY 2000-2001 to SY 2003-2004 are employed as regular or permanent in their present or current job either as professionals or as clerks. Most of the respondents work in companies or organizations that have to do with education, wholesale and retail trade, financial intermediation, manufacturing, and public administration and defense. A few respondents work abroad. For many of them, their current or present job is their first job which is related to the course they took in college.