HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 12 no. 1 (2010)

Aggregate Quarrying Practices in Quezon Province and Their Environmental, Economic and Social Impact

Renato M. Vergara | Gilbert H. Garcia



The main objective of this study is to investigate aggregate quarrying practices in Quezon Province. The investigation involved mining operators, residents near the quarry areas, teachers, students, members of peoples’ organizations, and non-governmental organizations. A questionnaire, interview, and direct or field observation were used in data gathering. For data analysis and interpretation, percentage, weighted mean, one way ANOVA, and t-test of independent means were utilized. Results of the investigation showed that there was a significant difference between the views of non-operators and quarrying operators on aggregate quarrying practices in Quezon Province. It was felt that mining operation would not prove sustainable. However it was perceived that quarrying brought economic benefits to the people. Among others, the major recommendation of the study is the implementation of the Action Programs intended to enhance the sustainability of quarrying practices in Quezon Province.