HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 13 no. 1 (2011)

Sense of Well-being and Perceived Quality of Life in Purok Matahimik (Isla), Barangay Cotta, Lucena City

Virginia D. Alcala | Carmen A. Aldovino



The study examined the quality of life of 100 respondents from Purok Matahimik (Isla) in Barangay Cotta, Lucena City. Employing both descriptive and exploratory approaches, a modified questionnaire was used in gathering data concerning the demographic characteristics of the respondents whereas qualitative information was obtained through open-ended interviews and informal group discussions. The survey instrument measures the residents’ life satisfaction in seven domains: community services, public safety and security, work life, family life and relationships, leisure as an activity and self-development and satisfaction.


We found that a typical respondent is female, married, approximately 40 years old, not part of the labor force and speaks Tagalog. Many of the respondents own the house they are living in with facilities such as water-sealed toilets and electric meter line. A majority of them depends on paid water faucet for water supply.


We were struck with the relatively high level of satisfaction among the target population. Among the domains, they scored high on family life and relationships, material possession and consumption and public safety and security while aspiring for more material possessions, improved relationships with neighbors and more satisfying work life in terms of pay and tenure.