HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 14 no. 1 (2012)

Mobile Web School-Parent-Teacher Interaction Portal

Anh Quy Bui

Discipline: Information Technology



This project study focused on developing a mobile-web school parent-teacher interaction portal to provide parents, students, and teachers a favorable environment in communication and effective tools in managing. Parents and teachers can use their mobile phone to access the website and enjoy the system’s available features. Likewise, the administrator could gain satisfaction from the functions that the system has. Rapid Application Development Methodology (RAD) was used in order to develop the system to analyze the functional requirements and to elaborate the analysis models to produce implementation specifications of the system. PHP Hypertext Processor or commonly known as PHP was the main programming language used in this study and MySQL served as the database for storing vital records on the system. Likewise, jQuery mobile gave the developer a standard set of layouts, user interface widgets, and interaction. In addition, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Asynchronous Javascript (AJAX) were used. Several tools were also used in the development of the system such as VertrigoServer, starUML, and PHP designer. Fact finding instruments such as interview and observation protocols were utilized to determine the requirements of the desired application. Questionnaires were used for measuring the efficiency of the system as evaluated by the end-users. Likewise, there were some tools used in the project study. EasyPHP was the local web server to test the system, Eclipse was the main IDE for developing the system, and StarUML allowed the proponent to model the system project. Based on the ISO 9126 standard, the results of the rating given by the evaluators, the proposed system has met and satisfied all the functional requirements determined in this project study. The evaluators believed that the developed system could ameliorate the communication between parents, teachers, and students. The mobile web school parent-teacher interaction portal was designed and developed to bring to the users an online communication system with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. With the users’ high acceptance based on the tabulated evaluation, the proponent believed and is confident that this project study has satisfied its objectives and purpose. Therefore, the proponent highly recommends that the mobileweb school parent-teacher interaction portal be widely used.