HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 15 no. 1 (2013)

Certificate of Confirmation as a Ticket of Under Height Criminology Graduates for Recruitment in the Philippine National Police

Henedina A. Lagumen | Monette G. Tenorio

Discipline: Policy



This study is focused mainly on the experience of MSEUF Criminology graduates who have difficulties to be accepted in the Philippine National Police due to height requirement specified in Republic Act 8551. The difficulties experienced by the under height Criminology graduates basically begins from the time they initiate the process of application to obtain Certificate of Confirmation (COC) from National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) up to the application for height waiver in the National Police Commission. This is basically a qualitative research with the application of descriptive design. An interview protocol helped the researchers in gathering information from the chieftains of the Aeta, Remontado and Dumagat communities with respect to actual procedure they implement in determining the authenticity of applicants’ genealogy. Likewise, a separate interview guide that elicited actual experiences of the graduates in securing COC and height waiver was utilized. The findings of the study revealed the intricate and long process in securing Certificate of Confirmation that serves as a requirement to secure a height waiver from the National Police Commission. This indicates that proper orientation and preparation of under height Criminology students are needed to be able to prove the authenticity of their genealogy prior to graduation to avoid the same experience as revealed by the study. It is recommended that specific program should be implemented by the College of Criminology of MSEUF to assist the students on how to trace their genealogy as early at the first year level of their tertiary education to ensure that upon graduation they would have already acquired certificate of confirmation and height waiver.