HomeNEU School of Graduate Studies Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Relationship between Temperament and Academic Performance of High Junior Students

Ernani Ofreneo Jaime

Discipline: Education



This study aimed to find out the relationship between temperament and academic performance of senior students at Cainta District, Division of Rizal during Academic Year 2012–2013.  The respondents in this study were 647 junior students of the three public high schools in the Cainta District, Division of Rizal. The study used simple random sampling to obtain the number of respondents. The instrument used was a standardized temperament test adopted from Tim LaHaye’s Temperament Test. The questionnaire was administered by guidance counselors of school and retrieved by the researcher after which the data were tallied, tabulated, analyzed, and interpreted using statistical tools such frequency, percentage, weighted mean, F-test, t-test, and analysis of variance.