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Hayuma Multi-Purpose Cooperative: A Case Study of Mutual-Help Management System and Its Impact on the Community

Ria Dg Ladisla

Discipline: Multidisciplinary



This study described the Mutual-Help Management System (MHMS) Hayuma Multi-Purpose Cooperative (HMPC) and its impact on the community. Specifically, it looked into the components of MHMS and its management processes, analyzed how the MHMS contributes to the operations and financial performance of the cooperative, and determined its impact to the community.

The case study design using methodological triangulation (quantitative and qualitative approaches) was adopted in this study.

The components of the MHMS are sharing of human resources, available market, financial management, supervision, accountability and commitment, seed fund for TA-REAP, avenue for community outreach, and aid to ease unemployment problems in community, among others. MHMS was found to have a positive effect on the quantity of projects/services generated and a negative effect on the prompt delivery of services. The program provided additional source of income, served its target market, and gave financial aid to the TA-REAP. Interventions, such as the development of strategic and training plans, were recommended.