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Christ and the Church

Audrey Vincentine S. Salud | Arthur B. Anterola



The learning module designed for Religious Education 023, Christ and the Church, presents lessons about Jesus Christ, the church, and the sacraments of initiation. The first part presents the different images and titles of Jesus Christ based on human experiences, scripture, and tradition. It discusses the historical Jesus from birth to His public ministry especially in His proclamation about the Kingdom of God as the central theme of His teachings expressed in parables, the Lord’s Prayer, the Sermon on the Mount including His healing and miracle ministry. Towards the end of the prelim period, Christ’ Paschal Mystery, the commemoration of His passion, death, and Easter experience which led to the formation of the faith communities (early Christian Communities), is taken into account.

The second part presents the Church as the people of God founded by Christ that began from the calling of the 12 disciples, their commissioning, and the continuing mission of the Church up to the present. The continuing mission proclaims the Good News to all people even to non-believers, the poor, and neglected. The last part presents the sacraments as instituted by Christ. The grace of God and the salvation brought by Christ flow from the sacraments. The sacraments are signs and symbols of Christ’s presence in the church. The exposition of the church and the sacraments is Christ-centered. This module considers the context (basic human experience) and the exposition of the scripture, with reference to the christian tradition as the fundamental bases of our Christian faith.

This module is designed to spur students’ interest in the learning process. It includes activities such as pre-test to evaluate students’ knowledge about the topic discussed, post-test to check their acquired knowledge and comprehension of the topics taken. Other activities such as writing reflections and making illustrations that would relate their faith-life experiences are likewise included. Also, objective type tests are given to help students recall important concepts which will help them in discovering and strengthening their faith. 

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