HomePhilippine Journal of Counseling Psychologyvol. 13 no. 1 (2011)

Meaning in Life, Flow, and Subjective Well-Being: A perspective on Filipino High School Students

Mary Jane A. Galang | Carlo Magno | Victoria C. Paterno | Amalia E. Roldan



Occidental Mindoro State College, Philippines The purpose of the present study is to determine the effects of meaning in life and flow on subjective well-being among Filipino high school students. It was hypothesized in this study that meaning in life and flow contributes in explaining individuals’ subjective well-being. Four measures, namely, the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), Subjective Happiness Scale (SHS), Meaning in Life Questionnaire (MILQ) and Short (9-Item) Flow Scale were administered to 304 freshmen high school students in different schools in the Philippines. The Structural Equations Modeling (SEM) was used to test the effect of meaning in life and flow on subjective well-being. The manifest variables for meaning in life include presence of meaning and search for meaning as, flow include the dispositional flow and state flow, and subjective well-being is composed of life satisfaction and subjective happiness. Results of the study indicated that the model tested attained a good fit (χ2 = 3.96, df = 6, χ2/df=.61, NFI=.99, RFI=.97, CFI=.99, RMSEA=.01). Only the effect of meaning in life was significant on subjective well-being.