HomePhilippine Scientific Journalvol. 44 no. 1 (2011)

“Limp and Lilac” Dermatomyositis

Charmaine L. Nagayo | Filipina B. Tan-carpio



 A 32-year-old female was admitted with a chief complaint of proximal body weakness associated with muscle pain progressively over a period of weeks. This caused her the inability to do even a mere act of climbing the stairs or combing her hair. Upon physical examination patient was noted to have bluish pruritic rashes on the face and neck area. Further evaluation showed an elevated muscle enzyme and a positive anti nuclear antibody test, which are common finding among patients with inflammatory myopathies. The clinical and laboratory findings in this case strongly suggest the diagnosis of Dermatomyositis.

The etiology of Dermatomyositis in this patient is poorly understood and controversial. The goal of management is to relieve the subjective complaint of the patient and for her to be able to resume her normal life activities. The mainstay of therapy for muscle disease of dermatomyositis is systemically administered corticosteroid tapered slowly over time. Frequent follow up is recommended to evaluate flare of the disease. Hence, this case is presented to increase awareness and suspicion of Dermatomyositis among patients presenting with the associated typical rash.