HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 18 no. 1 (2009)

Traditional Practices of Homemakers Using Indigenous Materials for Economic Living in Ilocos Sur

Florida U. Ursulom | AURORA F. CALVERO | Angelina Q. Verzosa

Discipline: Business, Socioeconomics



This study was conducted to document the traditional practices of homemakers using indigenous materials in order to help the poor people to save money and to sustain the indigenous materials.


Specifically, this study sought to determine the socio-economic profile of the respondents, the indigenous materials used by homemakers in cooking, first aid or healing, cleaning, and other uses, as well as the benefits and traditional homemaking procedures.


This study utilized the descriptive method of research, convenient sampling, and interview with guide questions in gathering data.


The data gathered elicited that many Filipinos are still poor particularly in the rural areas and the beneficial effects and procedures of the identified indigenous materials for cooking, first aid or treatment, cleaning and other uses.