HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2010)

Indigenous Edible Flora and Fauna in the Province of Abra

Alma B. Segismundo | Rolando B. Navarro | Jocelyn L. Abaya

Discipline: Agriculture



Survey and characterization of the indigenous edible flora and fauna in the province of Abra were taken through a participatory approach with identified key informants. Data were later presented to the community for validation. Scientific identification was taken cared of by museum researchers at the National Museum, Manila. Findings revealed that there were 25 species of flora belonging to 19 families, 15 species of fauna belonging to six classes, and five species of fungi.


In order to increase awareness on the utilization of these important food crops and animals, a monograph on the indigenous edible flora and fauna of the province of Abra must be developed. Laws on the protection, conservation, and management of these indigenous resources should also be promulgated. Propagation of the diminishing indigenous edible flora as claimed by the indigenous people should also be undertaken.