HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 20 no. 1 (2011)

Development of Precast Concrete Forms Two Storey Concrete Structure

Raymund P. Queypo



The country is beset by natural calamities such as floods, typhoons and drought among others. Observers of the dynamics of the environment point to the wanton cutting of trees as one of the causes of flash floods that contribute to destroy lives and property both in the countryside and in the cities. Illegal logging has contributed to an increase in lumber production but this has also inflicted harm to the environment. To minimize this problem, this study introduced to the local construction industry the application of concrete as forms instead of plywood and plank forms to minimize the use of wood products in concrete formworks as well as for faster and economical construction. The concrete forms were studied for use in columns and beams for two- storey structures.

This innovation was based on the site observation of construction activities of the conventional method of erecting a two storey building in order to modify and introduce the method of precast concrete for forms of columns and beams.

The result of the study showed that because of the versatility of concrete, its forms can be created for columns and beams of different structural sizes for different locations. The concrete forms also increased the compressive strength of the ferroconcrete. The application of this construction system without the conventional wooden form significantly minimized expenses in the construction formworks of a two-storey structure.