HomeWMSU Research Journalvol. 27 no. 2 (2008)

The Threat of HIV Among Injecting Drug Users in Zamboanga City: A Qualitative Assessment

Rosalyn R. Echem



Data on IDUs (injectable drug users who are a high-risk for HIV/AIDS) were limited. The number of IDUs was estimated at 10,000 by the Department of Health as reported in the book “Revisiting the Hidden Epidemic” (1998). Other sources suggested higher numbers. The Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS’ (UNAIDS) estimate of 400,000 IDUs in the Philippines (1998), was thought to be too high. In Zamboanga City, the estimate was between 600-800 in 2004 (HDES, 2004).

Hence, this in-depth study was carried out for three months (December 2005-March 2006) and was based on a research design developed by the Family Health International (FHI) to address the need for a better understanding of the dynamics and context of injectable drug use in Zamboanga City.