HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 21 no. 1 (2012)

Incidence Rate and Complications of Dental Caries Among the Intermediate Pupils in Selected Elementary Schools in the First District of Ilocos Sur

Mercita Q. Queddeng

Discipline: Health



This study was conceptualized to determine the incidence and complications of dental caries among the intermediate pupils in selected elementary schools in the First District of Ilocos Sur. The study made use of a questionnaire-checklist adapted from the study of Eder (2001). Frequencies and percentages, mean, and simple correlation analysis were the statistical tools used in the treatment of the data gathered. Findings reveal that majority of the respondents are female who had their first eruption of teeth at 6-8 months. Most of the respondents’ parents are secondary graduates, semi-skilled with family size of eight, with monthly income between Php1001-5,000, and residing outside Poblacion. Overall, the level of practices of the respondents on oral hygiene, oral habits, and food habits is “Low” and San Ildefonso Central School Sur has the highest incidence rate of dental caries. Parent’s educational attainment, parent’s occupation, family monthly income, and family size were significantly related to the incidence of dental caries among the respondents.