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A Randomized Single-Blind Trial on the Efficacy of Cooled Plain Lubricant Jelly in Preventing the Pain of Urethral Catheterization as Compared to Plain Lubricant Jelly at Room Temperature

Marjohn M. Morano | Antonio L. Anastacio | Isaac David E. Ampil Ii | Cesar Alfred C. Alaban



Objective: The use of cooled plain lubricant jelly in preventing pain during urethral catheterization was compared to plain lubricant jelly. The study was a randomized, single-blind trial, conducted, from June 01 to October 20, 2006.


Sixteen (16) patients were allocated by block randomization to two groups: group 1 (control) – using lubricant jelly at room temperature (22°C), group 2 (experimental) - using cooled plain lubricant jelly (2°C to 6°C).


Intraurethral administration of lubricant jelly preceded urethral catheterization. VAS for pain perception measurement was used pre and post urethral catheterization. The mean differences in pain score per group were compared using the t-test. Analysis showed that the p value was not statistically significant in terms of their baseline (p=0.3) VAS scores. Post catheterization (p=0.1) VAS scores was lower in the experimental group as compared to control group. The p value was statistically significant (p<0.05) in terms of mean difference VAS scores. The study showed that there was pain urethral catheterization and can be decreased by the use of cooled lubricant jelly given intraurethrally. Postcatheterization pain scores were lower using cooled lubricant jelly as compared to lubricant jelly at room temperature.