HomeDDC Professional Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2008)

The Library Resource Sharing Program of DACUN-Member School Libraries: A Basis for an Improved Resource Utilization Program

Estela R. Dequito

Discipline: Education



This study assessed the level of implementation of the resource sharing program of DACUN Academic Libraries as a basis for an improved resource utilization program. The statistical techniques used in the study include the percentage, mean, ANOVA, multiple range test and regression analysis. A survey-questionnaires was utilized because the responses of the respondents could be readily gathered and tabulated, thus giving greater ease in the evaluation and interpretation of data. The questionnaire used in this study had two sets, one for the head librarians, and another one for the library staff. That for the head librarians was more comprehensive compared to the library staff. For conclusion, the resources of the DACUN member libraries are more than adequate but they are less utilized by DACUN clients. The librarians’ perceptions affirm the under utilization of the resources of the member libraries for the resource sharing program.