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The Level of Satisfaction with Services of the Davao Doctors College: Basis for a Development Plan

Lily B. Babayen-on

Discipline: Education



This study was carried out to determine the level of satisfaction of students with the services of the Davao Doctors College and to take these points into consideration while making educational plans. Specifically, the study sought to find answers to seven questions related to the services of Davao Doctors College. The research methodology employed in the study was the descriptive design, specifically using a combination of the descriptive status and correlational survey. The correlational survey, was used to determine the relationship between and among the variables used in the study. The study was conducted at Davao Doctors College with 352 student-respondents who were enrolled in the different courses for the Summer 2007. Of all the services, guidance and counseling services was rated highest while canteen services, the lowest. The student respondents had only moderate satisfaction with the services of the Davao Doctors College.


Students’ satisfaction was highest in the guidance and counseling services and lowest in the canteen services. It was shown that regardless of socio-educational characteristics, students’ satisfaction did not vary significantly. A notable finding is that implementation of services is significantly correlated to the satisfaction with the services received. Through multiple regression analysis, of the 12 service areas, eight (8) independent variables emerged as predictors of student satisfaction. These are instruction, student registration, library/internet, management council, accounting, medical-dental, canteen and guidance and counseling services. Delivery of services has direct bearing on student satisfaction. Improving the quality in the delivery of the eight (8) service areas of accounting, canteen, management council, library and internet, instruction, student registration, medical-dental, and guidance and counseling services will improve the satisfaction level of students. 

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