HomeIAMURE International Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Religionvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

The Christian as "Salt of the Earth": Developing a New Christian Approach in the Society

Earl Allyson P. Valdez

Discipline: Religion



How should the Christian fulfill his duty of loving his neighbor in a society that treats religion as separated from sociopolitical affairs? Paul Ricoeur, the French philosopher of dialogue, insists that the Christian should fulfill his role as "salt of the earth," a new form of Christian social action which becomes an answer to this question. As a voice among other voices, the Christian should live up to his prophetic role, proclaiming the message of the Gospel in various aspects of the society, with the unity of mankind as the goal in mind. However, he says that this message should be proclaimed by determining points of insertion in various levels and aspects of the society, which involves constantly investigating different social phenomena and their influence on man, and rethinking, reconsidering, and discerning the proper response to them. Eventually, this form of Christian social action opens the believer to opportunities for a meaningful and encounter and dialogue with the State and politics, realizing and working together for common goals. This form of Christian social action ultimately reveals the primary role of the Christian as a messenger of hope, saying that in every situation, there is always something that can be done.