HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

School Supply Vending Machine

Melanie V. Lambiquet | Lester E. Lecong | Stephanie Jobel L. Cervantes | Kalvin M. Reyes | Criryl B. Agustin | Henry E. Robillos Jr.

Discipline: Engineering



The study intended to design a school vending machine that uses a touch screen LCD to dispense new products not served by the existing commercial vending machines. It aimed to construct equipment with new features and improved capability of dispensing. This investigation sought to address the following issues regarding the device: (a) manipulation of the dispenser through the inputs of the user in the touch screen LCD (b) display of the total amount of product acquired in the machine and (c) ability of the vending machine to function even with power failure.

Experimental development method was utilized to construct the system and descriptive method was also implemented to evaluate the functionality of the design. Nine purposively chosen evaluators composed of students; non- teaching personnel and office employee were asked to participate in the study.

Findings revealed that the device could function satisfactorily as evaluators strongly agreed to the statements regarding the capabilities of the vending machine.