HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Pad Power Harvester

Neil C. Capricho | Apple M. Lopez | Mirasol P. Vesquira

Discipline: Engineering



This study developed a device pad that could harvest energy, store it in a battery and power up the stress/strain reliever and foot exerciser in response to applied mechanical stress generated by piezoelectricity. The design focused on the idea of piezo-ceramics which released electric pulse even when the applied pressure is as light as sound pressure. Specifically, the study sought to address the following: (a) energy generation and storing capability, (b) battery voltage level detection, (c) steps indication, and (d) circuitry control and manipulation.

Two methods were employed in the study, namely, experimental development for the implementation and experimentation of the device and descriptive approach for the evaluation of the functionality of the design. Ten purposively chosen evaluators were asked to participate in the study.

Findings of the study indicated that the device was able to harvest energy and store it in a battery. The device showed capability of detecting the battery voltage level. Furthermore, the device was able to control and manipulate the stress/strain reliever and foot exerciser circuitry, an indication that a certain number of steps were achieved that powered up the device.