HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Wireless Wattmeter

Girilie Q. Navales | Juvie Pauline L. Relacion | Charlie M. Samonte

Discipline: Engineering



The study aimed to construct a wireless wattmeter that would measure and display the energy consumption transmitted through wireless communication. The objectives of this study were the following: (a) to give an accurate reading of the amount of energy consumed in watt-hour to be displayed on a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and (b) to transmit the data through a wireless communication system within the five-meter range.

The methods used were the experimental development approach to construct the device and to ascertain its functionality in terms of circuit lay- out, and the descriptive method to assess the functionality of the wattmeter through the evaluation of seven purposively chosen respondents from the fields of electrical engineering, teaching and digital industry.

Findings revealed satisfactory ratings for the device in terms of accurate measurement and display of energy consumption in LCD, transmittal of the data through wireless communication within the five-meter range.