HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Sleep Detector System for Automobile Drivers

Diana B. Celedio | Art Michael E. Dar | Clarito T. Aragos Jr. | Junno L. Hiramis

Discipline: Engineering



The study intended to reduce car accidents due to driver fatigue by detecting and preventing their early signs. The device could detect the moment when the driver closes his or her eyes by means of eyewear. It is equipped with a sound alarm to wake the driver up and if it fails, a braking system will be triggered to activate car brakes.

The study utilized the experimental development and descriptive research as methods. Five purposively chosen evaluators participated in the assessment of the dependability and efficiency of the device.

Findings of the study showed that the whole system functioned properly as expected. The device was reliable in lessening road accidents through its ability to detect and prevent early signs of driver fatigue and its ability to decelerate the automobile which will at least lessen the fatal damages due to impact.