HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Automated Bicycle Derailleur Gear Selector

Jona P. Chan | Raymart G. Matalubos | James Lee G. Sandoy | Mark Sherwin A. Tobias

Discipline: Engineering



The following issues were addressed in this study about the construction of a device that automates the rear derailleur of a bicycle: control of rear derailleur to change gear in response to certain speed range, up-down indicator to determine the gear transmission and seven-segment display to indicate the gear number at a given speed range.

The experimental development and descriptive designs were used in this investigation. Five purposively chosen evaluators were asked to assess the automated bicycle derailleur gear selector.

Findings of the study showed satisfactory results in terms of the device's functionality.

The device was able to control the rear derailleur to change the gear with certain speed, the gear selections operated with up-down indicator, and the seven-segment displayed the gear number.