HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Automated Pineapple Sorter with Counter Machine

Adrian Antonio L. Bersano | Nadine C. Diamante | Krizelle P. Limbaga | Peter A. Soylon

Discipline: Engineering



The study aimed to develop a machine that can sort pineapples according to their sizes and weights. Specifically, the study sought to address the following issues: (a) the ability of the machine to segregate the pineapples according to size and weight, (b) the ability of the device to count the number of the pineapples being sorted, (c) the capacity of the machine's system to identify the right classification of pineapples.

This study made use of methods such as experimental development and descriptive method. There were five purposively chosen evaluators who participated in the study and they include a technician, an electronics engineer, and an employee from Davao Agricultural Ventures Corporation.

Findings showed that the device's rating in terms of effectiveness is satisfactory; enough to say that the machine is working well.