HomePULSARvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Wireless Aqua Farm Contrivance

Cris Ian A. Samson | Jickie M. Riogelon | Antone Holy G. Virgo | Michael S. Clamor

Discipline: Engineering



The study was conducted to develop a wireless aqua farm contraption that seeks to provide the fa rm owner with information as to what the conditions are of the farm while being at home or being unable to be in the farm all the time. For this reason, the research aimed to address the following issues: (a) the ability of the device to measure temperature, turbidity, salinity and water level (b) the device's capacity to transmit information from remote station to the base station (c) its ability to stabilize the condition of the pond when one or more of its parameter hits critical level.

Experimental development and descriptive methods were used in this study. Five purposively chosen evaluators took part in the examination of the study.

Findings concluded that the wireless aqua farm contrivance was operational and satisfactorily functional. It gave the researchers the expected output.