HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Attendance Monitoring System for Laboratory Rooms 503 and 601

Sheramil Faith B. Casas | Mary Kenneth Joy I. Ibanez | Jan Paulo C. Pilongco | Mark John C. Sitoy | Cromwell M. Castillo

Discipline: Engineering, Applied Sciences




This study aimed to develop a device that will monitor the attendance of students and faculty. The device, comprising of a radio frequency identification card reader and tags, monitoring system, global system for mobile communication, wireless communication and microcontrollers, will serve as a monitoring system that will help the Dean in keeping track of the punctuality of 5th year engineering students and their advisers. This design project employed experimental development method. The efficiency of the system’s individual features and its overall performance were assessed through a descriptive approach using questionnaires. The device was tested for 10 days and was evaluated by 21 respondents, who were comprised of six faculty members, five guidance counsellors, five parents/guardians, and five ECE students. Every observation during the testing of the device was recorded. These data were analyzed to describe how well the device performed. Findings of the study revealed that the device has achieved the