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Biometric as Anti-Carnapping Device

John Michael Meyn C. Plaza | Neil Vincent C. Caballero | Abe Joseph R. Panaug | Raysun E. Deypalubos | Reynaldo D. Deypalubos

Discipline: Engineering



For the past years, the country’s primary problem has been carnapping. To minimize these incidents, different companies created different security devices. Aside from that, the government also established the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) to investigate cases concerning carnapping issues; but unfortunately, the group was not able to solve all the cases. Based from the Highway Patrol Group’s statistics, the group gathered a total of 612 cases of carjacking and car theft over an eight (8)-month period from January 2010 to August 2010. The researchers contributed in preventing those previous cases to not occur again by developing a device that provides reliable security as well as convenience to the car and to its owner. The researchers named the device as Biometric as Anti-Carnapping Device. The device is a car security device which allows engine starting to be controlled by fingerprint identification. The said device also has an automatic video call and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking feature which allows user to indentify carnnaper’s location in cases that the vehicle will be stolen. The Biometric as Anti-Carnapping device is a great solution for individuals or companies whose looking for additional security to their vehicles. Once installed, the system seamlessly integrates and effectively protects a vehicle from theft. With this, carnapping cases would surely decrease within a year.