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Proposed Drainage Design Layout for the University of the Immaculate Conception

Christian Mae S. Apat | Fatima Mae S. Asani | Matthew Jan | Kristian A. Bentinganan | Renan P. Limjuco

Discipline: Engineering



Flood is a natural phenomenon that is frequent and widespread all throughout the world, making it the most hazardous occurrence of all the natural hazards. With flood’s atrocious effects, many innovations and studies were conducted to minimize its effects. Government sectors have mandated areas which are prone to flooding to embark into purchasing flood insurance and to construct flood-resistant structures. Immense efforts to alleviate and redirect inevitable floods were given and were tried in various engineering efforts. The prevention and mitigation of flood by analyzing its causes and assessing the drainage system has become an utmost concern of the researchers. This prompted the researchers to design a drainage design layout for the University of the Immaculate Conception Bonifacio Campus to prevent flooding. In order to achieve the philosophy of the work, the following data have been sourced out from direct fieldwork. Such data included Discharge and Flooding Frequency. These data have been analyzed through the application of descriptive analysis and hydrologic computations. The study made use of the quantitative and qualitative methods of data gathering for better investigation and implementation of the designing process. It helped the researchers to obtain the necessary principles in conducting the study. The design that the researchers have obtained considered the open channels, downspouts, curve inlet and other pipe networks that are visible in the building. The dimensions and the details of the design are made to meet the standard requisites of a Drainage system. Through this study, the innovation and improvement of the Drainage System have been aimed for the betterment of the institution.