HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Electronic Water Bill Monitoring System

Walter James S. Mejellano | Chyserr Nesti G. Monungolh | Cris Genes M. Diansay | Allen Dale A. Sarael | Ruben M. Ruiz

Discipline: Engineering



This study aimed to develop a device that could enable consumers to monitor their water consumption. The device, comprising of a water digital flow meter sensor, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), a keypad, and microcontrollers, would serve as a monitoring system that aids user in keeping track of their water consumption. The efficiency of its individual feature’s performance and as a whole was evaluated. The design project employed experimental development method and descriptive approach in assessing the device’s performance. The device was tested for nine days and was evaluated by 11 respondents, which were comprised of 10 water consumers and one water district personnel. Every observation in testing the device and statistical evaluation were constantly recorded. The recorded data were then analyzed to come up with a result as to how well did the device work. After conducting a thorough research, from device testing to evaluation, the researchers concluded that the device is effective in performing its task. Nevertheless, certain factors still need to be considered in further improving the device and for it to reach its maximum potential.