HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Biometric Door Lock System With Alcohol Detector

Luhilda Gin M. Espera | Wendy Faith L. Guanzon | Marvin B. Regulacion | Cromwell M. Castillo

Discipline: Engineering



The purpose of the study was to design a biometric door lock system with alcohol detector made for apartment and dormitory security purposes, which consists of six features such as the biometric fingerprint scanner, liquid crystal display (LCD), alcohol sensor, light dependent resistor (LDR), electric strike and magnetic contact switch for the door lock and buttons. The magnetic contact contains a call administration function, search button and cancel buttons for user while increment, decrement, delete and exit buttons for the administrator. Experimental development and quantitative methods were applied in the study. The former aspect consisted of trial and error approaches backed up with interviews with the previous students who experienced design project making with the same concepts used and the latter was used to gather data through a questionnaire. This instrument was administered to thirteen evaluators composed of apartment owners, engineers, and boarders who were degree holders. The results of the study indicated that the device is efficient and effective for apartment or dormitory use. The final design was made efficient through the integration of different features of the device in detecting blood alcohol content (BAC) and registering fingerprints by the use of biometric.