HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Dust and Gas Analyzer

Ervenjhon C. Bual | Erwin Roy G. Cuering | Charles Alvin O. Talaboc | Ruben M. Ruiz

Discipline: Engineering



The objective of this research was to design a dust and gas analyzer which could collect air dust in a room, trigger an alarm and notify the owner’s cellular phone through GSM in case of gas leakage. The study sought to evaluate the level of efficiency of the device as regards its dust and gas sensitivity detection and data transmission. The study utilized a two-phase method, namely: experimental development and descriptive assessment. A prototype of the device was constructed for experimentation and a validated researcher-made questionnaire with questions on dust and gas sensitivity detection and data transmission was utilized for the survey. The device was evaluated by 30 purposively select raters comprising of homeowners and potential users of the device. Findings showed that the device is sensitive enough to detect dust present in the air within the room. Further, the device exhibited high level of efficiency in terms of its functionality in triggering the vacuum cleaner, dust blower, alarm and exhaust fan once dust and gas are detected.