HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Digital Scoreboard

Jesus M. Ceballos Iv | Deborah Mae S. Lobrigas | Nelvin E. Esma | Erica O. Juaton | Neil C. Capricho

Discipline: Engineering



This study aimed to create a digital scoreboard for the UIC-Annex Gymnasium. Specifically, the study sought to address the following: a) enumerate the features of the said device, b) accuracy and precision level of the device’s operations in terms of game time, scoring, shot clock, number of fouls, and periods determination and; c) level of clarity and responsiveness of the device in terms of its outputs, namely the seven segment display and buzzer. The study employed a two-phase method, experimental development and descriptive approaches. Twenty purposively chosen evaluators composed of coaches, players, spectators, and engineers assessed the device in terms of its functionality. Findings of this study enumerated all the features of the digital scoreboard. The results indicated that the device was able to give an accurate and precise output in terms of its operations. Also, the device exhibited clarity and responsiveness as regards to its 7-segment display and buzzing capability.