HomeJPAIR Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2008)

The Plight of Children With Disabilities In Selected Areas In Bohol Province:A Proposed Integrated Rehabilitation Program

Gloria T. Casabal | Jeimylo C. De Castro

Discipline: Health, Pediatrics



The essence of childhood is growing up to be a well-functioning adult. However, children with abnormalities become handicapped adults. According to NCSO (2000), there are about 6.5 million Filipinos who have some form of disability. Seventy five percent of them live in rural and semi- urban areas, where rehabilitation services are limited or non existent. In the Province of Bohol, access to information on the status of children with disabilities (CWD) is difficult due to limited information base. This prompted the University of Bohol, College of Allied Medical Science (UBCAMS) to conduct a research on the status of CWD and their families in the City of Tagbilaran and in three municipalities, determine the extent of their children's disabilities and design a proposed Integrated Rehabilitation Program. This study will alert the civil society, the local government units and government line agencies concerned to give attention to the problem of CWD and provide the necessary assistance. It will also help the UBCAMS to expand its community based rehabilitation services.