HomeJPAIR Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2010)

Factors Influencing Adoption of Instructional Technologies by Faculty Members of the Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology

Ma. Concepcion L. Mores | Jesse T. Zamora

Discipline: Education



This paper provides empirical research-based evidence on the status of the level of adoption of instructional technologies by faculty members of the Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology. Factors associated with said adoption were highlighted. Instructional technology use for class preparation and faculty-directed student use of technologies were employed only several times a year. Frequency of use was even lesser in the case of technology uses for instruction delivery in classroom, for documenting and evaluating instructional activities and the use of professional email, which were all practiced once or twice a year. The level of instructional technology adoption by the faculty members was significantly related with their age, gender and tenure, but not with their civil status, educational attainment, academic discipline, length of teaching experience, actual teaching load, academic rank, number of technology-related trainings attended during the last five years and on whether they assume an administrative position or not. The faculty members’ perceived value of the instructional technologies, their self-efficacy on using the technologies, perceptions on the instructional resources, professional development opportunities and educational leadership in the college were to a certain extent significantly related to their level of adoption of the technologies. To improve on the level of adoption of the instructional technologies, creation of an Instructional Technology Unit in the College is proposed, so with, among others, the programming of professional development activities, building core values for use of technology among the faculty, equitable use of technology, standardizing technology systems and procedures, developing program for maintenance and repair of equipment and expanding access to internet.