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The Literacy Program of AU-Main, School of Education at Gawad Kalinga, Tatalon, Quezon City: Reflections, Perceptions, and New Conceptual Framework

Rose R. Dedace | Yolanda D. Paras | Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr.

Discipline: Education



This study on “The Literacy Program of Education at Gawad Kalinga, Tatalon, Quezon City: Reflections, Perceptions, and New Conceptual Framework aimed at evaluating the literacy program of the School of Education. It sought to discover the benefits gained by nine (9) Education student-volunteers (from Arellano University – Main Campus), who participated in the in the literacy program from July 2008 to February 2009. The problems they encountered as well as the solutions they recommended were also looked into. From the findings, the researchers developed a conceptual framework that may be of help to would- be volunteers of outreach programs.


The research was carried out qualitatively. Data were primarily taken from reflection papers of nine (9) respondents of the study. Interview was employed to verify the findings derived from the respondents replies as reflected in the questionnaires/reflection papers. Replies were based on the experience they had in becoming volunteers of the literary program spearheaded by the School of Education of Arellano University – Main. They were asked to handle classes of children who, because of financial constraints, do not attend formal schooling.


Heinrich Anton de Bary’s “Symbiotic Relationship” served as the grounding of the study.