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Academic Preparedness of Freshmen Education Students of Arellano University

Florenda Calvario | Victoria Triviño | Eduardo O. Dela Cruz Jr.

Discipline: Education



The study explored the academic preparedness of freshman education students of Arellano University, School of Education. All first year education students were given a sort of assessment test on the first week of March 2007 to assess their academic preparedness. The assessment test covered three core subjects namely English, Mathematics and General Science. This study has a four-fold objectives; (1) determine the performance of the freshman education students in the assessment tests in three core subjects; (2) reveal the level of academic preparedness of the students based on the over-all performance in the assessment test; (3) describe the students’ mastery level in each skill; and (4) establish the relative presence of significant relationship in the students’ performance in the three core subject areas. To fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, appropriate data were culled from the 65-item assessment test. Another goal of this study is to determine if significant relationship exists between the students’ performance in English and Math, and English and Science.