HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 20 no. 4 (1995)

Xiangyou 63, a Quasi-aromtaic Hybrid Rice with Good Quality and High Yield

Zhou Kunlu | Liao Fuming

Discipline: Agriculture



Xiangyou 63 was developed at HHRRC using aromatic male sterile line Xiangxiang 2A and non-aromatic restorer line Mighui 63. It was released to farmers in Jan 1995. Xiangyou 63 is the first quasi-aromatic hybrid rice in China, and Xiangxiang 2A, developed from the cross V20A/N20 B/MR365 by HHRRC, is the first aromatic CMS line in China. The hybrid has so far been planted on more than 20,000 ha and seems popular with farmers and consumer. In addition to being aromatic, the hybrid has good grain quality, high-yielding ability, good disease resistance, and wide adaptability.