HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 20 no. 4 (1995)

Influence of Intercropping Green Manure in Wet Seeded Rice

P Jayapaul | B Uthayakumar | S Purushothaman

Discipline: Agriculture



The effects of incorporating intercropped green manure (GM) in wet seeded rice cultivated during 1992-94 were studied at ACRI. The soil was a sandy clay loam classified as Typic Ultisol. The initial nutrient status was 233 kg N/ha, 17.1 kg P/ha, and 246 kg K/ha in 1992-93 and 226 kg N/ha, 16.2 kg P/ha, and 244 kg K/ha in 1993-94. Sesbania rostrata usually has delayed germination when sown under puddled conditions. So instead, it was raised separately and 20-dold seedlings were planted. Seeds of S. speciosa were dibbled at 3 kg/ha.