HomeISU-Cabagan Journal of Researchvol. 21 no. 1 (2012)

Performance of Muscovy Ducks (Cairina muschata) Fed with Organic Growth Enhancers

Oliveros M. Valiente | Lazarine T. Mamauag

Discipline: Agriculture



A study on growth performance of muscovy ducks (Cairina muschata) fed with organic growth enhancers was conducted to determine the effect of different organic enhancer on the growth performance of the muscovy ducks. A total of forty eight (48) muscovy ducks was used in the study, there were four (4) treatments used. The treatment were as follows, T1 – Plain water, T2 – 1 part of  Vermi tea + 10 parts of water, T3 – 1 part of Sorghum syrup + 10 parts of water, T4 – Commercial feed supplement (Vitamin A & B12). The study followed the Completely Randomized Design (CRD). One day old ducklings were brooded for one week using artificial lights in cages with an area of 1 x 36 x 10 m. The ducklings were fed with starter mash in the first week, from second to fourth week they were fed with grower mash and on the fifth week finisher mash was given up to the termination of the study. The F – test analysis revealed no significant differences among the four treatments on gain in weight, feed consumption, fluid consumption and feed conversion efficiency. However the highest economic return on gain in weight over feed consumed was obtained by Treatment 2 with 30.24 percent, followed by Treatment 3 and Treatment 4 with 15.46 percent and 13.39 percent, and the lowest is Treatment 1 with 12.35 percent.