HomeCollege of Arts and Sciences Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2006)

Community-Based E-Governance: An Operations Research of Barangay 637, Zone 65, Sampaloc, Manila

Andrew L. Mungcal

Discipline: Governance



Community-based E-governance as a matter of public policy is beginning to be a necessity nowadays. The advent of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and the availability of the Internet technology pave the way for the introduction of electronic provision of public services. Some Local Government Units (LGUs) like barangays, municipalities and cities, including National Government Agencies (NGAs) are promoting the computerization of their services or e-government initiative like e-literacy training program, on-line website and electronic governance. However, the pervasive issues of poverty and fiscal deficit have undermined the issue of e-governance. [It is in this public policy gap that the Arellano University should assist and substitute the inadequacy of government to complement the lack of e-government initiative on the local level.] Basically, Community-based E-governance will address the problems of local communities relative to the provision of public services like business permit, income tax return, barangay clearance, peace and order, public safety and health, and solid waste management.