HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 2 (1997)

Machhapuchhre 3 (MP3), the First Rice Variety Developed through a Participatory Plant Breeding Approach Released for Mid to High Altitudes of Nepal

K D. Joshi | B R. Sthapit | M B. Gurung | R B. Gurung | J R. Witcombe

Discipline: Agriculture



Adoption rates for exotic rice varieties in the eastern and western hills of Nepal are reported to be 10-11%. Seven F 5 bulks representing three crosses—Fuji 102/CD, K332/NR10157-2B-2, and Stejaree 45/CD—were given to expert farmers identified through a village workshop. They were asked to grow and manage the new entries along with their local variety in the same way. The participatory plant breeding (PPB) system included a farm walk to different trial sites, preference ranking, measurement of farmers' managed yield data, postharvest evaluations by women farmers, and monitoring of varietal spread. Farmer-selected lines were also included in national yield trials to satisfy variety release requirements.