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Effects of Genotype X Soil Interaction on Rice Grain Quality in Japonica Rice

Kyu-seong Lee | Young-doo Kim | Hyun-tak Shin

Discipline: Agriculture



We evaluated quality (chemical components, texture of cooked rice and amylogram characters) of rice grown under different conditions (soil texture, drain-age, slope angle, and effective soil depth) (Table 1), using Dongjinbyeo, the most widely cultivated variety in Korea.


relatively large amounts. Because synthesis (by both Schieberle and us) is based on the Maillard reaction, it yields only microgram quantities of AP from grams of proline and sugar. For larger quantities, production of AP from Bassia was considered.


han 2 mgL-1 improved callus induction (Fig. 2b), but no significant differences were found among 3, 4, or 5 mgL-1.